Russian model Anfisa Ryazhkina, aka Anfisa Siberia, Part 2

Many of the photos in this post are in the same photo shoots as the last one, but there are a few surprises too.  You may even see a few beach photos you’ll like.  The scenery is very easy to look at.

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Russian model Anfisa Ryazhkina, aka Anfisa Siberia, Part 1

Another lovely model from the big country of Russia. She has tons of Insta followers, a YT channel, and even a website you can be a member. Rather than put together sets like I normally do, let’s just enjoy a mix of her photos. I’m posting two parts of this stunning girl, but these are only part of photos of her you can find online. For now, sit back and let this dancer, gymnast, and all around fun girl show you what thousands of fans already know about her, she’s gorgeous.

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Milenka (aka Miléna)

There is only one thing I enjoy more than finding a lovely girl in unexpected places, and that is sharing her with a wider audience (for example, you). I accidentally found Milenka doing a Google image search for someone else, became smitten, tracked her down to a Flickr user, and immediately downloaded every thing I could find of her.

The Flickr user (Franco Cretella) is an outstanding photographer of landscapes and other beautiful things, but none more lovely than Milenka. Other than three shots of someone I assume is his spouse, Milenka is his only human portrait subject. She may not be to everyone’s taste, but I can think of no one better for an accomplished landscape photographer to turn his lens to than she. Enjoy!

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Photographer in Focus: Malina Saval (Girl Edition)

For those of you who don’t visit the “brother” site, The beauty of boys!, then you may not have seen me post there.  I have been doing posts that feature a specific photographer, called Photographer in Focus.  The latest photographer I found takes a lot of nice photos of boy and girls and figured it would be a good idea to feature her on both sites.  Here is a little about this photographer.

Malina Saval is a journalist, photographer, and writer that lives in California, which is in the USA. Her main focus is on her family and her family’s friends. But after reading a little about her, she does travel the world for stories and research, so it’s possible some of these photos were taken in other countries.  Some of her photos seem to be set up with their location in mind, but a lot of them seem to be photos taken whenever she wanted to.

To see the “Boy Edition” you an find it here: http://beautyboysj2sgq3.onion/2019/10/photographer-in-focus-malina-saval-boy-edition

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