These Terms of Use apply to you whether you are a Visitor (which means that you are simply visiting this Beehive-website or a Registered member (which means that you have registered with Beehive to participate in the different areas of the Community).

Post only appropriate content

As a visitor of this website, it is your job to make sure that you stay within the few rules of the community. What follows are examples of the kind of content that is illegal, or not allowed to post anywhere on the website of the Beehive.

  1. Nude pictures or videos are not allowed to be posted.
  2. (Requests for) Sharing or trading of nude/illegal pictures is not allowed and will leads to banning!
  3. Only non-pornographic images or videos of girls will be accepted. Shirtless photos of girls are allowed if they are completely flat.
  4. Publicly posting information that can pose or create a privacy or security risk to any person is forbidden.
  5. Do not mass upload your whole library without linking it to a post. Duplicates may be likely.
  6. Keep in mind we share the same interests here. Harassment of violence of another person will not be tolerated.

Report inappropriate content

Help us to remove content (forum threads, pictures and comments) that shouldn’t be on the Community. If you become aware of any person that is breaking rules, please contact us.