Alexandra Model – 23 Sets – You Choose What I Post!

I found this beautiful model and I have a huge problem!  There’s over 2500 photos of her between her sets.  That would increase the number of photos on this site by around 40%.  While I would love to post them all, I think this is a great time to switch things up around here.

Normally, I post photos I think you will like, all the photos.  In this post, YOU get to choose the sets I will post in the future.  I’ve put one photo from each set below and I hope to see some comments picking which ones you would prefer to see.  She wears swimsuits, dresses, shorts, jeans, and even a Tutu!  She is very lovely!

14 thoughts on “Alexandra Model – 23 Sets – You Choose What I Post!

  1. Lol no problems with a 40% increase. She’s wonderful. If i had to choose….
    This wavy pattern along the seams of her bottoms (trendy as of late) always makes me happy. I’m becoming predictable.
    Great smile here – nature, tree, etc. This one just stood out for some reason.

    No matter what set comes first, awesome news.

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