Milenka (aka Miléna)

There is only one thing I enjoy more than finding a lovely girl in unexpected places, and that is sharing her with a wider audience (for example, you). I accidentally found Milenka doing a Google image search for someone else, became smitten, tracked her down to a Flickr user, and immediately downloaded every thing I could find of her.

The Flickr user (Franco Cretella) is an outstanding photographer of landscapes and other beautiful things, but none more lovely than Milenka. Other than three shots of someone I assume is his spouse, Milenka is his only human portrait subject. She may not be to everyone’s taste, but I can think of no one better for an accomplished landscape photographer to turn his lens to than she. Enjoy!

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Alexandra Model Set 8 – Part 1

For the next set of Alexandra, I decided to go to a more amateur outdoors style.  The set brings a different type of photography, a little less crisp, but more real.  Yes, it is still staged and she doesn’t get wet, but it seems to me that this set seems to be a little different from the rest.  However these was taken, I hope you enjoy the set.

Set #8 will have three parts to it.

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