Fun times at the pool! Part 1

No professional studio, no prearranged sets, no touched up girls.  Only natural girls having fun around the pool with their friends.  Big girls, small girls, young ones, teens, one-piece, bikini, it’s all there.  Something for everyone.

It looks like these photos were taken at some sort of resort; there’s pools, tennis and basketball courts, spas, a beach, grassy fields, and more.  Enjoy!

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Krissy Part 3

You probably missed Part 2. When it was published it was posted using the date I first saved it, not the date it was actually published. Tip: When setting a Draft post to Pending Review, use Edit, not Quick Edit.

Here’s Part Two, featuring Krissy in an outfit one of you found particularly attractive:

Krissy Part 2

And here’s part 3, featuring a bunch of other cute outfits on a more-than-cute Krissy:

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M J WEB girls

This was one of those posts I was meant to post in late august.
my script never retrieved what I really required.I had to filter out the residue and
leave the variables,trust me it would be hectic for a first/OLD timer.I had to null this out to one constant and of course the boys being the other error since I prefered organised over accuracy.
Initially I had opted to post all this in various posts ,each under their respective categories or just pick a few for a themed post.But I figured a by the way[BTW] would be better than a fuss .



fred & ginger_ 30
2019 BOBO CHOSES _ 47
DIESEL KID _ 27 & 32
folk made _ 27
MOLO _ 21
2019_20 BOBO CHOSES _ 29

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