That Self-Pic For Someone Special

On the whole, I’m glad cell phones with cameras weren’t around when I was younger. But then I think of all the girls from my middle and high school days who could have sent some really nice pictures…

Glad to see the site is picking up a bit. Thanks to everyone for contributing – even if you don’t have pics, bring the positivity.

5 thoughts on “That Self-Pic For Someone Special

  1. OMG – the first girl in the braces is so cute! I sometimes worry about kids who do this posting something that might embarrass them when they get older. In the other hand, I like looking at their barely clad bodies. Guess you gotta take the good with the bad. 😉

  2. haha.. to your point, I think the “bad” has gotten so ubiquitous that it wouldn’t affect her. Democracies/Republics are only a few more election cycles away before head-of-state candidates’ selfies and sex tapes are afterthoughts. I think we’re entering a “new normal.”

  3. Long blonde hair and a ‘little black bikini’ is a good recipe for a sensual picture.
    Yes @Chad ‘braces’ girl is truly cute.I am also intrigued by ‘white bikini’ girl – STF?

  4. This is a nice collection – love the attitude(s)! Yes, I think @Curious_Boy is correct, “bad” is becoming normalized… is that good for us viewers? 😉

    And STE girl is definitely intriguing.

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